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You want to improve MapProxy, found a bug and want to fix it? Great! This document points you to some helpful information.


Releases are available from the PyPI project page of MapProxy.

MapProxy uses Git as a source control management tool. If you are new to distributed SCMs or Git we recommend to read Pro Git.

The main (authoritative) repository is hosted at

To get a copy of the repository call:

git clone

Continuous integration

We use github actions to automatically run the MapProxy test suite against different Python versions and also to automatically deploy new releases. 👉

How to contribute

Questions? 👉 mailing list or issues
Code enhancements / bugs 👉 github

You can post patches to the mailing list or create a new ticket. Or better, create a fork instead and send a pull request. Feel free to post to the mailing list first, if you have any question.

More information

There is a whole chapter about development in the documentation. It covers most aspects of the MapProxy development including the source code, documentation, tests, etc.