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MapProxy is an open source proxy for geospatial data.
It caches, accelerates and transforms data from existing map services and serves any desktop or web GIS client.

MapProxy Overview


Tile cache

  • WMS sources (1.0.0–1.3.0)
  • WMTS/TMS sources
  • Mapserver and Mapnik configurations
  • any TileCache, Google Maps or Bing compatible source
  • ArcGIS REST servers and compact cache file
Other features
  • cache tiles in the filesystem, MBTiles/SQLite, ArcGIS Compact Cache, S3, Redis, Riak, or CouchDB
  • reproject WMS and tile sources to other SRS
  • stores identical tiles just once (e.g. ocean tiles)
  • embed watermark in tiles
  • merge multiple sources
  • limit sources to polygon areas
  • manipulate image bands to create grayscale- or false-color images
  • many more

Getting started

Curious? With the following four lines you can install MapProxy and all dependencies, create a new configuration and start MapProxy in development mode.
After that you can visit http://localhost:8080.

    sudo aptitude install python-imaging python-yaml libproj0
sudo pip install mapproxy
mapproxy-util create -t base-config ./
mapproxy-util serve-develop ./mapproxy.yaml